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“I have come full-circle in fulfilling an early childhood desire to live an artistic life.”

Corinne Gerwe lives in a small town nestled in the rugged mountains of Western North Carolina where she has been inspired by the people of her surroundings.

Her background as a therapist, clinical associate professor, researcher and lecturer in the field of neuropsychology centered on studying the role of pivotal childhood experiences that impact driving patterns of human behavior.

Based on her work, for which she is internationally recognized, she shifted the direction of her life and writing to literary works that reflect her creative nature.

“I wanted to develop intriguing characters and stories based on what I had learned about human behavior and its extraordinary variations and motivations.”

Notes from her publisher: With a keen understanding of human complexities, an eye for sparkling detail and a passionate and positive nature, Dr. Gerwe has branched into a line of dramatic stories, fiction and non-fiction, that delight her readers. Her life experiences give color and depth to her writings.

She has also started the Saluda Historic Depot Theatre Troupe (SHDTT), has written and adapted several plays, co-produced three major productions to date, and is about to establish the first theater in her town to advantage the Theatre Troupe’s young acting crew (YAK) comprised of eighteen local children dedicated to the performing arts. Further information about the SHDTT will be added to this website.

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It’s summertime and the living is easy in the idyllic mountaintop town of Serena.

When two seemingly-accidental deaths send Police Chief Jeff Farley into the dense forest on a chilling investigative journey, he finds a legacy of property ownership, illegal moonshining, and the ancient art of hoodoo practice that have kept intruders at bay since the early settlers made claim to the land.

Charlotte, wife of an ambitious Congressman, has come to Serena to escape her husband’s political career. She’s in search of some peace, and possibly, herself. When her husband shows up unexpectedly, strange events and ghostly happenings are set in motion that challenge the beliefs and intentions of all.

Set amidst a haunting wilderness where magic still flows, the residents of Serena must solve an ancient mystery and battle a supernatural foe.

The human dynamics of love and yearning, greed and madness, and rebellion and redemption unwind at a spellbinding pace beneath the mystifying North Carolina moon.


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It’s late September and things had been peaceful in the tiny mountaintop town of Serena.

The farm fields and gardens had produced a bountiful harvest, including the new Raven Brook Falls Winery with its acres of vineyards on the outskirts of town. Residents of Serena are abuzz with excitement over a Hollywood film about to be made near the winery on the site where murder and scandal had once occurred.

But none of this is a threat to local residents. Autumn is in the air and all is well, until Serena’s Chief of Police, Jeff Farley, is called to the Sutton Farm.

The gruesome discovery of a murder victim in Jim Sutton’s garden followed by the appearance of a mysterious scarecrow in the midst of town, seemed to be unrelated. Chief Farley, with the aid of psychologists, Kate and Devlin McManus, are once again thrust into a web of intrigue as one horrifying incident after another generates an atmosphere of terror and paranoia among Serena’s citizens.

Chief Farley’s murder investigation is repeatedly hindered by an elusive diabolical prankster who is terrifying the children of his town and a film company of outsiders who might be harboring a dangerous suspect.

Chief Farley and a cast of familiar characters return in this spellbinding tale that captivates the reader as it unfolds with as many twists and turns as a mountain road. The Silent Scream of the Straw Man abounds with enough mystery, excitement, humor, and romance to keep the pages turning until the end.


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It’s Halloween in the quaint, mountain town of Serena, North Carolina, and Kate Delaney is about to discover a hidden secret long tucked away in the dark corners of her century-old church that she and her husband spent several years renovating into a home before his tragic death.

The old building’s previous owner used the sacred edifice to practice spiritualism, and her books and objects remain. One book in particular is the work of none other than Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, who traded-in his most famous detective character to prove that ghosts and fairies exist. Kate also unearths a surprising séance message: “Doyle Diary.” An avid Sherlock fan, Kate decides a mysterious force has placed this investigation before her, and she compulsively dives into a case that wakes a sinister adversary with a deadly purpose.

In a setting steeped in Celtic lore and ancient beliefs, Kate and her friend Devlin McManus uncover a series of murders and a villain connected to mystical legends in which fairies and supernatural creatures abound.

Corinne F. Gerwe’s mystery is a thrilling journey that pays homage to Doyle’s legacy while closely examining how pivotal childhood experiences shape people’s abilities to overcome fierce opposition later in life.


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Is it possible that an extraordinary experience in our childhood can change the course of a person’s life? Can such “singular episodes” (or a series of episodic experiences) have as much significance in childhood development as hereditary and environmental influences?

The author believes that the answer to these questions is yes. Her theory was born out of the course of her own life and her work in the field of substance abuse treatment. Her professional experience provided a forum for investigation, research and development of the High Risk Identification and Prediction Treatment Method (HRIPTM). The HRIPTM explores the link between conditions arising from childhood experiences, behaviors that persist, and the development of chronic addiction and other disorder conditions.

The book brings together individuals under treatment as well as such historical figures as Conan Doyle, Charles Darwin, Kafka, Beethoven, Houdini, and Robert Louis Stevenson. They demonstrate the common bond of behavior that affects us all, illustrating how this behavior can be camouflaged, disguised, hidden, misunderstood, ineffectively punished or very effectively praised, and often tragically unaddressed until it is so firmly entrenched neurologically that it becomes powerfully resistant to treatment and rehabilitation efforts.

The case histories of notable figures were gathered from literary diaries and letters, literature and poetic texts, autobiographies biographies and media interviews. The clinical case summaries concluding each chapter are taken from the HRIPTM research. Collectively, they provide a fascinating account of how an intricate and far-reaching web of problematic behavior can originate and evolve.


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Professional bear hunter and woodsman Bobby Burris was raised to hunt and poach on the famous Biltmore Estate lands and forest located adjacent to his family’s homestead near Asheville, North Carolina. He was ruled by a tyrannical father who taught him to ignore the law and engaged him in an array of illegal activities from an early age, at which time he witnessed a notorious still-unsolved crime and murder. He was forced to participate in other crimes and retaliations during his adolescence under his father’s direction. Rebelling against him, Bobby became a young renegade and formed his own small criminal organization in Asheville that extended beyond the region with links to the Italian and Mexican mafias and drug trafficking routes from Los Angeles to Philadelphia.

His life from childhood into adulthood, under a Machiavellian authority, eventually led to his arrest and incarceration in a Federal prison where he by mere chance became a bodyguard for a mob boss of a major New York crime family. His road to perdition was interrupted by a vision that transformed him in the midst of this setting and began within him a process of rebelling once more against a life of crime that he’d been forced into since childhood.

The story takes place against a backdrop of mountain wilderness and people with a long history of isolation, independence, and rebellion against authority. From a family of moonshine bootleggers, a legacy of crime developed from father to son that began with illegal poaching on the vast acreage of the magnificent Biltmore Estate and its forestlands, hunting parties with politically connected cronies from Asheville’s “old boy” network, a series of hidden crimes, cruelties and cover-ups that led to the monstrous formation of a young man with the brutalized heart of a stone cold killer.

This story inflects the true crime genre with a psychological perspective, revealing unsolved mysteries, secret societies, bold adventure set within regional history, and family drama with a focus on the father/son relationship involving murder, sin and redemption. Along the way there are gripping stories of bear hunting, life in the rural South, and the breath-taking scenery of the mountains of North Carolina.


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The Art of Investigative Psychodynamic Therapy is designed to train substance abuse professionals in an innovative and successful treatment methodology. 

The Gerwe Orchestration Method addresses pivotal developmental issues in relation to chronic addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other co-occurring disorders in detail.

This manual provides the background information and the tools and templates for conducting group sessions.

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