Thought pieces here

Thought pieces there

Sparks of ideas

Floating in air


How to contain them

Capture the flow

Give them direction

Keep them in tow


Some are illusive

Fading like dreams

Some are intrusive

Homing like beams


Fragments of story

No stream of thought

Scattered ideas

No hint of plot


Notes in a notebook

Scribbled in haste

Some are discarded

Crumpled to waste


Then to the keyboard

Words on a screen

Paragraphs forming

Title and scheme


Characters liven

Story evolves

Plot starts to thicken

Puzzles are solved


Lunch dates are cancelled

Schedules are changed

Chapters develop

Life’s rearranged


Into the stretch

Writing into the night

Characters rule as

The story takes flight


Love, hate, and treachery

Drama, intrigue

Moving to climax and

Writer fatigue


Rekindled energy

Starts to emerge

Fueling momentum

A second wind surge


Approaching finale

The pace seems to slow

The ending so crucial

It’s hard to let go


The words and the writer

Have forged into one

Til last page is written

And first draft is done