My book signing event at The Saluda Historic Train Depot was lots of fun because many of my friends and neighbors came and some helped with the event. This kind of support is wonderful before setting off to do signings in a variety of new surroundings. The best surprise was when Dacre Stoker arrived. Dacre is a Canadian-American author, sportsman and filmmaker, and the great grand-nephew of legendary Irish author Bram Stoker, of 1897 Gothic novel Dracula fame. Dacre’s best selling sequel, Dracula the Undead, carries his family legacy forward in the midst of the world-wide phenomenon his fictional character has become. Dacre is a charismatic presenter who travels extensively attending film festivals and universities where the study of Bram Stoker’s classic novel is part of the literary curriculum. Imagine my delight when he came through the  door and created a bit of awe and much excitement for those attending my signing.

Authors who take the time to support other authors, particularly when they are as successful and well-known as Dacre, are the blessings in this field of endeavor. Their graciousness is never forgotten and their generosity lives on in many a written word.