I was recently contacted for an interview for Crookes Online Magazine, Fourth Edition (http://adamcrookes.com/fourth.pdf). My latest book, Murder in a Moonlit Mason Jar, had just been published, so I gave this request consideration as a promotion opportunity. However my decision to do the interview was made after I responded to the publisher’s email and checked out his website. There, I discovered an engaging photograph of Adam Crookes, the young publisher of an innovative new magazine published in the UK. The magazine captured my attention for its style and subject matter, but his photograph struck me even more because it revealed a person bursting with enthusiasm and drive, a visage shining with the brilliant light of ideas, transposed into a dream he was determined to realize.

I found it remarkable that he had chosen me to be interviewed. As you all know, I am still a novice at blogging and have not been the most proficient at self-promotion. But since I have such a fine publisher, Sam Lowry of Ambassador International Publishing Group, who has encouraged me to do more in this regard, I have since found this form of communicating quite enjoyable, and writing the blog resulted in attracting the notice of Adam Crookes.

I was so intrigued by Adam, I read each of his previous Crookes Magazine editorial pages and found that my first impression of him had been accurate. I also recognized in him an innate sense of purpose and passion that I could relate to, something I understood from my own experience; an indefinable energy that pushes one forward despite obstacles and seemingly impossible odds.

A perfect example is the sensitivity and courage he demonstrates in his latest project, the Fourth Edition of Crookes Magazine, which is devoted entirely to women.

He writes, “This women-only edition includes a wide-range of different women who built up/are building up successful careers in their specialisms, who are often over-looked and are not given the opportunity for society to appreciate their achievements as the mainstream media doesn’t have a juicy story to share about them.”

Sensationalism might be the path taken by others at this juncture in magazine publication, but not Adam Crookes.

I was so impressed with him that thoughts of book promotion went out the window as I decided to put apprehension aside and answer each Fourth Edition interview question without thinking or planning or promotional intention. Thus I gave the only in-depth interview I have ever done, one that surprised me and was appreciated by Adam, and I hope will be of interest to followers of my blog.